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Early Voting

Attention Voters:

You can vote in the ​Republican ​Primary Runoff ​even if you missed ​the Republican ​Primary!

Monday, May 20th to Friday, May 24th

Runoff Election Day

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

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With Ellen’s leadership, you can expect:

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A unified Collin County Republican Party

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Strong representation and fortified presence of conservative values

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Clear communication of priorities and values to voters

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Empowerment of local Republican volunteers and Precinct Chairs

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Effective campaign strategies for upcoming elections

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A successful, result-driven Collin County Republican Party Executive Committee

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Preservation and promotion of fiscal and social conservative principles

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Transparent communication and directives from party leadership

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A leader who can transform grassroots enthusiasm into electoral wins

Your Vote is More Than a Choice; It’s a Commitment to a Future of Unwavering Leadership

and Conservative Values. Join Us in Supporting Ellen Loveless.

Unwavering Leadership

The political landscape often sways with uncertainty, leaving parties adrift without a clear direction.

Ellen Loveless embraces the values of the party, and she is the steadfast leader we need to steer

us towards a future brimming with purpose and unity.

Navigate the Political Seas

With a Steady Hand

Under the guidance of Ellen Loveless we can ​set sail towards a future of unwavering ​principles, clear vision, and victory for our ​Republican values. In Collin County the

Republican Party will not only survive, but ​thrive.

Ellen Loveless: Your Compass

For Success

Ellen Loveless is a proven effective leader. ​With her at the helm, you can expect clear ​directives, unified action, and a strategic ​approach that leads us to success.

Elect the Leader Who Leads

By Example

Ellen Loveless is our blueprint for success. ​As our Party Chairwoman, she will not only ​appreciate the efforts of volunteers, but will ​also align them with the party’s vision. Her ​action-oriented approach ensures promises ​made are kept.

How you can help our party succeed

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Share Your Support For

Ellen Loveless and Her

Dedication to the Party

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to the Cause

Pledge Your Vote for a

Future of Conservative

Values and Strategic


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Experience a Unified

Collin County

Experience a Community

Guided by Clear

Principles and Unified


A Leader Worthy of Your Vote

Endorsed by

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Chris McNutt

President of Texas Gun Rights

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Cindi Castilla

President of Texas Eagle Forum

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Joe Cordina

Former Mayor of

Parker, Texas

“I have known Ellen for almost 20 years ​and have had the privilege of serving ​alongside of her for many of those ​years. She feels passionately about the ​issues that face our country, and she ​was born for this position. I have always ​felt that Ellen was in a position of ​leadership at our previous church, as ​well as the non-profit that she co-​founded, because God had even bigger ​plans for her. She leads fearlessly and ​boldly and is the voice we need!”

-Annie Williams

Campaign Volunteer

“Ellen has a strong conservative background, is a creative forward thinker, and has the highest motivation to raise awareness for the Republican Party in Collin County. Her positive attitude is contagious, and her work ethics will undoubtedly energize our membership. ”

Joe Cordina,

Mayor of the City of Parker


“I endorse Ellen Loveless. Ellen is a personable leader who will bring the Collin GOP together for November and beyond. Her down to earth approach has resonated with the grassroots and she will stay true to the values of the Republican Party Platform.”

- Paul Elliott (McKinney)

“As a precinct chair on the election protection committee, I truly believe that our elections needs to be ethical, valid, and honorable. Ellen Loveless is agreeable to the safety of the elections. With her as a chair she will work towards a trustworthy election within Collin County. I endorse Ellen Loveless for Collin County Republican Chair for the March 5th, 2024 election.”

- Colleen Aguilar-Epstein (Plano)

“If Grassroots Christian Conservative "non-estsblishment" leadership is what you believe our county GOP needs, then join me in voting for Ellen Loveless. She has both the experience and leadership skills. Most importantly, she will have "no strings attached" to her decision-making as a true grassroots (non RINO) conservative leader of the Collin Co GOP. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. What we've had clearly isn't working (we've watched Collin County morph from a solid red county into a purple one in the last few years), and the time for change is now, before it's too late.”

- Liz James (Anna)

“I support Ellen Loveless because I am grassroots. I have been involved with politics since the age of 20 and I was a subcontractor for the Trump buildings. I believe in liberty and freedom. We need to get America great again and with Ellen Loveless we can get back to the conservative values we need to stand for.” Daniel Porzio (Allen)

“Ellen has my full support for GOP chair. She’s got the TIME and her VOICE is the way forward for the Republican Party in Collin County. Her integrity is unparalleled. She’s the rare package in politics. Please join me in voting for Ellen Loveless on March 5th, 2024.”

- Heidi Stone (Frisco)

“Ellen is the person we need for Collin County GOP Chair. She is the person we need leading our party as we work to keep our conservative principles. Her experience will help us connect with younger voters and build our donor base, both of which are desperately needed as we head into this important election.”

- Michael Schwerin (Wylie)

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(214) 476-2567

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